Suffering a major work injury can be a devastating set back. It is important to move quickly to secure your benefits and to avoid any unnecessary delays. While we spend page after page going over the laws concerning work injuries and the nuances surrounding them, it is most important to be able to assess whether you even have a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

The first step in determining that should be to contact an attorney experienced in handling claims for injured workers. Don’t wait and rely on your employer or your insurance company to do things for you as that could lead to delays in you get access to medical care and pay for your time out of work.

If you were injured on the job, regardless of what caused the injury, you likely have a valid claim for workers’ compensation benefits. We have years of experience fighting for injured workers access to medical care, light duty work and payment for time off due to the injury.

We handle work injury claims throughout Maryland and Washington, DC. We offer a free initial consultation and we do not get paid until we get you paid. Please call or email to request a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.