Elevator accidents occur far more often than any of us want to think about. Let’s face it, elevators are a major part of our lives and whether you want to or not, you will need to use them at some point.

Unfortunately, they are complicated pieces of equipment with many moving parts that need to be maintained, updated and modernized. Large building owners never want to take on the expense of modernizing an elevator, the cost of which can be in the millions. That combination, leads to elevators malfunctioning, which can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

At Timian & Fawcett, LLC, we have experience litigating serious elevator injury claims. Make no mistake, it is complicated and if you were injured as the result of an elevator malfunctioning, you will need an experienced elevator accident attorney.

Elevators are considered common carriers in Maryland and, therefore, the building owners are held to a strict standard of care. However, sometimes it is revealed that the maintenance company failed to adequately maintain the elevator or the manufacturer of the equipment may be responsible for providing faulty equipment.

Whatever the cause of the elevator malfunction, you should not count on anyone raising their hand and revealing that information to you, the victim. You will need an experienced elevator accident attorney, who can consult with the appropriate elevator engineers to get to the bottom of the cause and bring your claim forward against the correct Defendants.

We offer a free initial consultation for elevator accident claims, and we do not get paid until we get you paid. Please call or email to request a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.