Being charged with a criminal offense is a very serious matter. If you have the unfortunate experience of being charged with a crime, your first move should be to contact an experienced Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney. Brian Timian and Alan Fawcett have over 30 years of experience handling any charge from DUI/DWI to First Degree Murder Charges.

Regardless of the amount of jail time you may be facing, it is important to understand your rights and ensure that you keep your record clean.

Our attorneys have unique experience representing College Students and have practiced in College Park and Anne Arundel County for over 30 years. Being charged with a crime while in College can affect your status as a student and lead to you having a permanent record which will affect your job prospects post-college.

The attorneys at TIMIAN & FAWCETT, LLC. will guide you through the criminal justice system to try to protect your future prospects by keeping your record clean regardless of the crime for which you are charged.

We know you have questions for our legal experts, which is why we offer a Free Initial Consultation with an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer.