About Timian & Fawcett, LLC

Timian & Fawcett, LLC. provides aggressive representation in the DC metro area. Our firm focuses almost exclusively on personal injury cases, from car wrecks to work injuries and other accidents involving negligence. Big insurance companies don’t intimidate us. Insurance defense attorneys understand that our Maryland/DC personal injury lawyers mean business.

We have the experience and resources you need!
We have the resources, technology and experience to handle complex civil cases while giving our clients the personal attention they deserve.

The insurance companies have teams of lawyers and practically unlimited resources, so you need to level the playing field with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

You don’t have to worry about whether you can afford an experienced accident attorney, because you do not pay unless you win.

We fight to protect your legal rights under the law
Whether your legal matter is large or small, the attorneys at Timian & Fawcett understand how important it is to you. Therefore, we promise to serve you on a personal basis with the energy and professionalism that you deserve. Everything we do at Timian & Fawcett revolves around you.

Often, you may not be sure if your situation merits legal action. We understand that. In most cases, the Timian & Fawcett will gladly provide a free initial consultation in order to determine if further legal steps are warranted.

You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Timian & Fawcett to handle your legal matters.


Personal Injury

We handle serious injury claims that occur as a result of the negligence of another person or company.

Auto Accidents

Getting injured in an auto accident can be extremely frustrating and for many, life changing.


Truck Accidents

While truck accidents can be quite similar to car accidents, the finer details can certainly play a role.


Workers Compensation

Workplace accidents are common, particularly if you work in a plant or factory.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional deviates from standards in his or her profession, thereby causing injury to a patient.

Serious Traffic Offenses

We have decades of experience in trial procedure and criminal defense of traffic offenses.


Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offense is a very serious matter.

Wrongful Death

There is nothing more difficult than representing a family after a loved one has been killed by the careless negligence of another.

“The safety of people shall be the highest law.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero